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Ok, so you aren't exactly convinced. You ask, "How do you even pronounce 'Quinza' anyway?" Well, 'Quinza' is pronounced kans-uh... like if I spoke very poorly and said, "I need some cansa Jewpsi." Then you might ask, "Well, what exactly is Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza!!! anyway?" Well, each week a new mail will be sent out with the best links on the web to... whatever the fuck I feel like linking to. Plus, for no charge you will also receive Uncle Quinza's commentaries, which are so cynical it's not even funny. Well, scroll down and see for yourself.

Reader Responses

"Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza was so cool! Sometimes the links were terribly disturbing, sometimes they were interesting, and other times I just shit* myself! I mean all over myself! Thanks Uncle Quinza!"
-Bob, California

"I used to have this really nasty, cancerous growth on my right testicle. But ever since I started reading Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza!!! it has gone into remission! The doctors say it's just left the testicle to grow in the brain, but I know better. Uncle Quinza, you're a miracle worker! Keep up the good work and I'll keep on spreading the good news. Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza!!! cures testicular cancer!**"
-Little Timmy, Maryland

"I truly feel for you, Uncle Quinza. You most certainly are a troubled young man. I just hope that when the judgement day arrives, God almighty will grant you mercy. I fear for your soul and I shall pray for you every day. I would like to help you. Perhaps Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza!!! could be used to link to websites devoted to Him. How would that feel? You could work for the Creator instead of the Prince of Darkness***. Please take this into consideration, my son."
-Sister Mary-Thomas, Pennsylvania

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Past UQME Issues
Still not convinced? Ok, ok. Well why don't you read some past editions of UQME and see what you think!

Read UQME No.1

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Old editions only get posted every few weeks. If you sign up for the Mailing List, you get a fresh one EVERY WEEK! Guaranteed! So sign up today!

* Pants shitting and/or creaming is not guaranteed. Your results may vary.

Uncle Quinza's Mail Extravaganza has not been proven to cure or aid in the remission of testicular cancer, or any kind of cancer for that matter.

The Prince of Darkness and I aren't talking right now. We had a terrible fight and we both said things that can't be taken back, ever. But maybe someday, and this is a big maybe, we may speak to each other again.

2001 Ubergods.com

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