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9-8-08 Pat Brosnan

Well, ubergods.com has been roaming throughout the vast reaches of the 'net since 2001, and lots of things have happened in the period leading up to today. We've grown up (slightly), the internet has completely exploded, we've gone through 3? hosts among some other things. Another minor, itsy bitsy, change has been in the form of coding practices and standards (and my knowledge of them). I figured it's about time I update the site a bit from it's 2001 era horrendous HTML to 2008 era horrendous HTML, CSS and ZOMG! php.

Seeing as the site has been well established for many years now, I'm also going to leech off of it's yummy search engine rankings. Perhaps I'll throw some updates at it every now and then and see if I can't convince Uncle Quinza to come up with some more of his old-school muy delicioso content. I've been paying for the domain and hosting all this time, so I might as well put it to use as more than online file-storage.

All of the old updates will be moved to the archives, that will be the only page I'm not updating the code on until it actually breaks, simply due to laziness and not wanting to re-type each entry.

Stay tuned, that is all.

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